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S M A S H    E F F E C T


The Way Down

Here I am now, alone, ugly and stupid
Once more ... Maybe I was too cupid
If ever any, all my dreams have vanished
I wonder what for I am punished
No comfort, there no comfort above
When the weak part of me fails to shove
And the strong and untouchable one kind
of refuses to lead my mind
My will is dead : didn't find anything
And doesn't want to go on seeking
I should blame myself if I haven't escaped
Maybe my soul core had betrayed
And so I go for another day
Doing nothing, I would like to lay
Nothing that could push me forward
Because I thought there was no reward
Feeling so tired ... let go the fever
Would like to lay down and sleep forever ...


The Way Up

All of a sudden, a bright light explosion
I feel like projected in another dimension
As if an Angel on my side
No more fear to decide
No need to hide
All untied